We are born problem solvers and puzzle builders. We are passionate about figuring out efficient and useful ways to resolve challenges through design and technology.
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Your website, custom software, or applications are a sizable investment. IQ Hive provides development services to build your project in the latest and most powerful technologies. Our designers and full-stack development teams work together to build your company’s technology that tells your story. We thrive at the corner of technology and design allowing us to build the best websites, apps, and software providing you the greatest return on investment.

From discovery and wireframes to your fully-deployed technology, our experienced design and development team provide you the greatest peace of mind.

If you are ready for your technology to help your company tell its story, contact us and our development team will help build the solution that’s right for you. From our WordPress to large scale custom coded projects, we are the team for your needs.

What we can help you with:
  • Web sites
  • Mobile App
  • Custom Software
  • CRM
  • Industry Niche Solutions

UI/UX design

8 out of 10 customers are willing to pay more money for a better user experience**. Our design team is highly skilled in creating amazing looking and user-friendly interfaces for your website, software dashboards, and applications. Our design and technology teams work hand in hand to create interfaces that guide your customers to conversion. Get the highest return on investment with a professionally designed and built user interface.

Technology and design are our passion. Let us show you how your technology can push ahead of the competition with our UI/UX design and development.

If you are ready to boost your technologies ahead of the competition with custom UI/UX, contact our design and development to learn more today

What we can help you with:
  • Mobile app design
  • Custom software dashboards and interfaces
  • Website design
  • CRM dashboard design and implementation

IT Consultancy

Deciding on the right technologies, design, and even if your project is feasible can be a very daunting task. Our team of highly experienced developers and designers can help walk you through your project to help you develop a minimum viable product or pinpoint areas for optimization on an existing project. We can help with your development projects both new and existing.

Our team are experts in planning and implementing various projects in an array of technologies.

If you are ready for our team of consultants to help make your software, website, or app a reality, contact us to learn more about how our developers and designers can help you today.

What we can help you with:
  • Web development and design consulting
  • Custom software development and design consulting
  • Mobile and web app development and design consulting
  • UI/UX development and design consulting
  • CRM development and design consulting


Digital Transformation is only one aspect of transforming your business into a more efficient, customer friendly and fun organisation to work for.

We believe in creating sustainable transformation journeys, that your team, your brand and your customers can all walk hand-in-hand on together, as opposed to them being taken on a journey.

Our team can help you ensure you have appropriate tooling, processes and automation to cover both the customer and team aspects of your transformation, allowing you to maximise both customer and staff satisfaction and maximise IP retention.

What we can help you with:
  • Process Automation
  • Platform Modernisation
  • Optimise technology spend
  • Customer and Staff tooling